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Scent Of Sidr Oud Candle

Scent Of Sidr Oud Candle

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Experience our Yemeni Sidr Honey Candle, where warmth, spice, and calm come together. Inspired by ancient Yemeni traditions, this special candle fills your space with inviting scents, perfect for a cozy home.

Enjoy the comforting smoky scent, blended with Sidr honey and subtle spices. Dark woods, musks, and warm amber create a soothing aroma that offers a luxurious escape. With up to 70 hours of burn time, this candle lets you unwind and enjoy the enchanting ambiance it creates. Let its captivating fragrance transport you to Yemeni desert valleys, where tradition meets the present.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, Oud Frgarance oil, Cinnamon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, Sidr honey.

Our dedication to uncompromised quality shines through with our use of 100% pure soy wax. Unlike conventional candles, we stand firmly against blending with other waxes. By doing so, we prevent the discharge of any potentially hazardous petrochemical-related gases into the atmosphere, which have previously been associated with respiratory issues. Your well-being remains our utmost priority as we uphold the promise of clean, untainted air.
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